Sewing lessons, sewingcourse and pattern drawing for beginners

English speaking sewing and pattern making, drafting courses:

We offer the sewing courses in Engish as well for students. Although all sewing courses are in dutch, we have teachers that also speak English, this way we are able to guide and help our English speaking students as trough the course as well. The curriculum will also be in english. if desired.
We have had a lot of English speaking students that we have helped this way.
It is not possible to give a course just for English speaking students, because the volume of students that we get at any given time is not enough to fill a whole course.
If you form a group of more than 4 and want to take a course, than we can schedule a day and time for you as a group and provide a whole English speaking sewing course.

Sewing course and Pattern drawing:

Sewing course and pattern drawing is suitable for beginners, but also for people with experience. because the combination of the sewing course and pattern drawing you get fast insight to make Clothes by yourself. Whether you are looking for a sewing machine course, a course to learn how to sew online or a sewing technique course, our sewing lessons course combines it all! The lesson methods are composed in a way that you learn the proper way of sewing and/or pattern drawing the right way. You make different patterns and garments in your size or for someone else. The students get masterclass courses on how to change and adjust patterns. The students get more insight in changing the basic pattern for a new model in the workshops. All the students get masterclasses workshops in sewing and pattern techniques to get  more insight into make clothes and patterns. Your lesson process get better with the online video sewing lessons on

How many clothes do you make? It depends on how fast and which level you are. Most of the students make two completes clothes along with the sewing technique.

What if you want a longer course design your own clothes, sewing lessons and pattern drawing? Than the course Mode design and realizations will suit you better. This is a combination of all the courses.

Sewing course and sewing techniques for beginners 10 weeks

During the course you will learn to work with the sewing machine, basic things, how to deal with different kind of fabrics, types of stitches and much more. At this course you learn to make several things like a skirt, dress, or trousers. You learn and practice different techniques and adjust this to your own design and measurements. You learn to make professional clothes in a short amount of time. All sewing techniques are explained and practiced step by step. The practiced techniques are then applied in real garments. When you’re making your own clothes it’s nice to have a sawing machine at home, but it is not a problem if you don’t have this available. The sewing course is available for everyone.

Course pattern drawing 10 weeks

If you want to make your own clothes is it necessary that you know how to draw, change and adjust patterns. With our course pattern drawing you learn how to make  all the basic patterns you will need for every single model. The basic patterns are a skirt pattern, blouse pattern, dress pattern , a trousers pattern and a sleeve pattern.  The course pattern drawing is available for beginners without any experience and more experienced people who wants to learn pattern drawing. You learn to take accurate measurements calculate these and translate them into a pattern. The basic patterns are the base for all models. You can use the basic patterns another different kind of model.  The ability to vary with basic patterns is endless. In addition to pattern drawing, you also learn how to deal with different body types. You always draw true sizes. Find inspiration on our Pinterest page. Here we have an ever-increasing collection of what you can do with your basic pattern.

Other information sewing and pattern drawing:

  • Sewinglessons and pattern drawing are inclusive all materials and Sewing supplies.
  • Students use sewing machines and lockmachines.
  • If desired, you will take a sewing machine yourself.
  • Sewing courses and pattern drawing have a duration of 10 to 12 weeks (depending on the number of lessons to be taken).
  • Pattern drawing or sewinglessons have a duration of 2 hour per class.
  • The combination of pattern drawing and sewinglessons have a duration of 4 hours per class.
  • All students receive a folder with stencils for pattern notes and sewing techniques.
  • All students will be able to access our online sewing videos for sewing and patterns drawing on, so you can also speed up your learning process at home.
  • The sewing courses and patterns drawing are with small groups, 2 teachers and trainees.
  • After the course you can flowing through sawing and pattern drawing advanced.
Patroontekenen en naaien

What you learn with sewing lessons:

  • Skirt
  • Sewing
  • Sew zippers
  • Types of stitches
  • Types of sewing thread
  • Course sewing machine
  • Darts
  • Various finishes
  • Finishes neck and armhole
  • Sew sleeve
  • Sew sleeves
  • Sew pleats
  • Elastic band sewing
  • fabrics
  • Determine seams
  • Sewing a dress

What you learn with pattern drawing:

  • Calculate sizes
  • Basic pattern dress
  • Fashion patterns
  • Pattern drawing sleeve
  • Pattern drawing blouse
  • Patterns for beginners
  • Basic patterns draw Skirts, blouses, dress and pants, sleeves and collars
  • Customize and change basic pattern
  • Create a pattern of existing garment
  • Understanding ready-to-use patterns
  • Darts 
  • Make pattern production ready
  • Enlarge and reduce patterns
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