Our sewing workshop in Rotterdam

The mobile workshop is a vibrant fashion and sewing workshop in Rotterdam. For sewing courses, pattern drawing, molding, creative fashion workshops and fashion design. Anyone who wants to design and learn to make their own clothes and who share our passion for fashion is welcome. We share our knowledge and experience using unique teaching methods. Our goal is to further develop the individual talent of each student.

Our mission

Our mission is to teach everyone tools, tips and methods within a certain time with which they can get started themselves.
Our goal is to further develop the individual talent of each student.

Nice atmosphere

Small groups

Unique approach

Since 2005

We have continued to develop our approach since 2005. Each person is unique. We believe in the personal approach and adapt our lesson and learning method to the individual. A group or private course, as a hobby or to make it your job, each approach is 1 to 1. Many come for sewing lessons and leave with more.


Students come from different backgrounds. Some have followed a sewing course or sewing training elsewhere, others after messing around themselves and others with a newfound passion for making their own clothes. Everyone comes with 1 question, can you teach me what I want to learn, can you. Sometimes a student does not yet know exactly what they want to learn or make. Our goal is always the same, to give you the best means to achieve your goals without unnecessary detours and to find a strategy that works best for you together with you.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso


My name is Priscilla Reynolds. 43 years old, mother, husband and person with big heart. After years of working as a fashion designer and stylist, I decided to share my passion for beautiful clothes and making them with others. I can go on and on about what I’ve done and for whom, but that’s not really important to me. All my students want is an authentic person who can deliver results, and that’s me.

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