Sewing courses and pattern drawing

The combination of a sewing course and pattern drawing gives you quick insight into making your own clothes. Are you looking for a course in sewing techniques, learning to use your sewing machine, knowledge of fabrics, developing your own ideas, pattern drawing or video sewing lessons, this combination course combines it all. The teaching methods are composed in such a way that you learn to sew and / or pattern drawing in a short time and according to the correct method. Your idea is translated from a pattern to a beautiful end product.

Students work at their own level, in small groups with a lot of guidance, attention and all necessary materials. The sewing course and pattern drawing is suitable for beginners or participants with more experience. Do you want to make clothes for yourself, others, children, men, women, our courses are designed for everything. Our groups consist of women, men. You can combine the sewing course and pattern drawing or follow them separately and only choose sewing or pattern drawing.

Choose the course that suits you

Learn to make all kinds of clothes with the sewing course and pattern drawing. Combine both to increase your knowledge or just take the sewing or pattern drawing course. Below you can see what the sewing and pattern drawing course entails. Register quickly for a course. FULL = FULL.

Students learn different sewing techniques and apply this in garments. You don’t make patterns, so you have to bring your own patterns. We have books where you can get patterns from, these are not always perfectly tailored.

Sewing course

Learn to tailor patterns for yourself and / or for others. Can you already make clothes or do you just want to make patterns, then this course is perfect for you. Sew your clothes or mockups at home and take it with you for a check.

Pattern drawing course

Combine the course sewing and pattern drawing to make your own ideas from A to Z. You make patterns from your designs and turn them into a garment. You learn different sewing techniques and apply this in your garments.

Sewing + pattern drawing

Sewing courses

With the sewing course learn how to make clothes from scratch, use the sewing machine, various sewing techniques and apply these again in your own design and garment. By applying the right sewing techniques you learn to make beautiful and professional looking clothing in a short time. You will learn different sewing techniques such as a zipper, a bag, various neck and armhole finishes, and much more and apply these techniques in a real garment.

All sewing techniques are explained and practiced step by step and with the combination of the online sewing courses you can always view and practice the same techniques over and over again to help and / or accelerate your process and development.


pattern drawing course

Do you want to make your own clothes from scratch or do you need useful tips and advice? Every piece of clothing has a beginning, and that is the creation of it and the pattern. You think about how the garment should be made and finished and incorporate this into your pattern. You are never dependent on someone else’s idea. students make basic or basic patterns of a skirt, blouse, dress, sleeve, pants and collars and learn to change these basic patterns to any desired model. Because you work within the framework of your basic pattern every time, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time and pattern drawing becomes child’s play and accessible to everyone.

Learn how to make clothes for yourself, others, children, men, women, you can do that with this course.

Free Online Sewing Course

With your sewing course and / or pattern drawing you get free access to our online sewing lessons with countless sewing techniques, courses and pattern drawing. View, practice and learn the curriculum at your own leisure and pace at home on the couch. With Naaionline you as a student can get started anywhere, anytime and at your own pace. On you can register to access our online sewing lessons content.

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